Compound Agents and Workflows

REVOX ecosystem caters to an array of tasks ranging from simple to highly complex, it introduces Workflow system. This system is the backbone of creating Compound Agents—sophisticated constructs that seamlessly integrate Primitive Agents, Plugins, and Context Knowledge to tackle intricate challenges. By leveraging Workflow, REVOX transcends the limitations of individual components, enabling the assembly of advanced solutions that are both dynamic and versatile.Workflow Workflow within REVOX is engineered to accommodate the creation of Compound Agents through two primary methods:

  1. Domain-Specific Language (DSL): For developers seeking precision and control, REVOX offers a domain-specific language. This powerful tool allows for the detailed specification and linking of agents and resources, granting developers the ability to craft tailored solutions that meet specific needs.

  2. Direct Prompts for General Users: Recognizing the importance of accessibility, REVOX also enables the creation of Workflows through direct prompts. This approach opens the door for non-technical users to harness the power of Compound Agents, making complex functionalities accessible through simple, intuitive interactions.

Composability and Utility At the core of REVOX's philosophy is the principle of composability. Primitive Agents are designed as modular units that can be combined to form Compound Agents, which can be customized for both public and private use. This modularity ensures that solutions can be easily adapted and scaled to meet evolving needs, from individual personalization to broad, community-wide applications.

  • Public Usage: Compound Agents designed for public use contribute to the REVOX ecosystem's collective intelligence, offering generalized solutions that benefit a wide user base.

  • Private Personal Usage: For users with specific, personalized needs, private Compound Agents offer a tailored experience, ensuring that individual preferences and requirements are met with precision.

To illustrate the practical applications and potential of Compound Agents, the REVOX documentation includes a comprehensive section on Use Cases and Examples. This resource provides insight into how Compound Agents can be assembled and utilized to solve real-world problems.

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