Primitive Agents

At the heart of the REVOX ecosystem, Primitive Agents serve as the fundamental units, each designed to excel at specific, straightforward tasks. These agents embody the principle of doing one thing exceptionally well, enabling a modular approach to building complex, AI-driven decentralized applications (dApps). By focusing on simplicity and specialization, Primitive Agents ensure efficiency, flexibility, and scalability within the REVOX framework.

Use Cases for Primitive Agents

  • Wallet Agent: Acts as the nexus of wallet connectivity and address management, akin to a Metamask interface but enhanced with AI capabilities. It ensures secure interaction with blockchain networks, managing public addresses while prioritizing user privacy and security.

  • Ticker Agent: Employs natural language understanding to extract token tickers from user prompts, leveraging a comprehensive ticker database. This agent simplifies asset identification and interaction, streamlining user experiences in financial dApps.

  • Chart Agent: Visualizes data through intuitive diagrams and charts in response to user commands, integrating input from various sources. Whether drawing from other agents or external plugins, it brings complex data sets to life.

  • Database Agent: Offers personalized access to databases, enabling users to execute custom queries directly through conversational prompts. This agent bridges the gap between traditional database interaction and the fluidity of natural language processing.

Technical Requirements for Enabling Primitive Agents

  • Personalized Instances with Safe Local Storage: To maintain the highest standards of privacy and security, Primitive Agents can process and store user data locally, safeguarded by the REVOX Web Extension. For instance, the Wallet Agent memorizes public address information without ever compromising sensitive keys or data.

  • Access to External Static Data: Primitive Agents have the capability to tap into a wealth of static data sources, enriching their responses and functionalities. This aspect is pivotal for agents requiring comprehensive, context-aware knowledge bases. Details will be introduced in Context Knowledge.

  • Access to External API Calls: These agents are empowered to interact with the wider web through API calls, fetching dynamic data or initiating transactions. This connectivity is crucial for agents that act on external information or need to affect changes in real-time. More in the Plugins section.

While each Primitive Agent boasts a prompt-based interface, allowing for standalone application uses, their true strength lies in composability. Designed to interoperate seamlessly, these agents can be combined and orchestrated to tackle complex scenarios, transcending the limitations of their individual capabilities.

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