REVOX Web Extension

The REVOX Web Extension stands as a cornerstone of the user experience within the REVOX ecosystem, serving two critical functions that together enhance the usability, privacy, and efficiency of interacting with decentralized AI applications.

Core Functionalities of the REVOX Web Extension

  1. User Storage for Personal Agent Instances: At its heart, the REVOX Web Extension provides a secure and private storage solution, tailored specifically for managing personal agent instances. This personalized storage space is crucial for maintaining the continuity and customization of the user's interactions with agents, ensuring that data, preferences, and history are preserved in a way that respects user privacy and enhances the overall experience.

  2. Interface to Agent Communication: Beyond storage, the REVOX Web Extension serves as an essential communication hub, facilitating direct and efficient dialogue between users and their agents. This interface is designed to be intuitive, allowing users to easily access, command, and interact with their agents without the need for complex commands or technical knowledge. Agents can customize interfaces like "password type-in", "diagram hover" easily.

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