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DPrompt is the core component of REVOX onchain AI. The technical design is introduced here. We have built a frontend to showcase this solution at


REVOX Lense ( emerges as the first comprehensive application engineered atop the REVOX platform, setting a new standard for personalized asset management and information aggregation. This groundbreaking tool is designed to seamlessly integrate with users' wallets, automating the process of identifying assets and distilling the most insightful news, social media trends, and discussions relevant to those assets. By synthesizing this data, REVOX Lense crafts tailored reports and provides insightful answers to every question a user might have regarding their portfolio.Key Features of REVOX Lense:

  • Automatic Asset Identification: REVOX Lense expertly analyzes the contents of a user’s wallet, identifying assets with precision and understanding their significance within the broader market context.

  • Real-Time News and Social Media Aggregation: Leveraging the power of the REVOX platform, the application filters through vast amounts of information to highlight news and social trends directly impacting the user’s assets, ensuring that users stay informed about the latest developments.

  • Customized Reporting: Beyond mere data collection, REVOX Lense synthesizes information into comprehensive reports, offering users a holistic view of their assets’ performance, market sentiment, and potential future trends.

  • Interactive Q&A: REVOX Lense is equipped to address users’ queries, providing expertly generated responses that help users make informed decisions about their digital asset portfolios.

REVOX Lense is not just an application; it's a revolutionary tool that empowers users with actionable insights, personalized updates, and a deeper understanding of their investments in the dynamic landscape of digital assets.

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