Token Structure Overview

$RGT is the core token in REVOX ecosystem. It serves for four major purposes:

  1. Governance: RGT is the governance token of REVOX.

  2. Incentives: RGT will be used as incentives for product adoption and usage of existing and future products built by REVOX team and affiliated partners.

  3. Consensus: RGT decentralized AI network will use PoS with RGT tokens

  4. Service fee and Revenue Sharing: Ecosystem services will use RGT as a payment solution, including premium programs in ReadON DAO, ShareON and Web GPT REVOX Lense. RGT holders will get a significant share of revenue on REVOX platform.

Token Details

  • Token Ticker: RGT (REVOX.AI Governance Token)

  • Total Supply: 3,000,000,000 (3 Billion)

$RGT Distribution

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